Becca (beccalicious_xo) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hey all,

A woman I go to school with is going through some hell right now. She's been bleeding (alike a 'period' bleed) since September/October, and it's now January. She just went to her doctor on the 11th and he doesn't know what it could be (I'm thinking there could be a language barrier, they are both spanish/hispanic and the translation/communication might not be the best, but that's neither here nor there).

Has this happened to anyone else/does anyone else have any insight I could offer her? I suggested going on birth control (or a form of it) to regulate her periods, but she is an overweight woman and said that it won't work beacause of how overweight she is.

I was thinking - would lowering the estrogen in her body help? Or, would that be a good place to start? I was thinking if she got literature/ideas she could take them to her doctor and/or the clinic to talk to him about doing..

She's around 28/30, I think..Might be younger. She has a son, he will be 2 in July (so he's like a year and a half now), and she did mention that the placenta had to be removed manually.


Thanks in advance, you all rock.
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