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Mega-Cramp Hell

Hi there;

So, I'm 16, I got my first period at 12 and have had horrible cramps since then.
It's difficult defining pain in words, isn't it? But I mean horrible like the first day I can't go to school or anywhere because I feel like crap. Like if my favourite actor/singer came to the city and I had backstage tickets I'd tell them to f-off because I don't feel like moving.  

I think it's a bit beyond "normal" cramping.
I dunno, most of my friends don't even need taking ONE painkiller; some need to take them but carry on with their life. I know there are other people who have it worse than me; but I still wonder if I shouldn't go see a gyn or something.

What do you think, I'm overreacting or what? I only wish I didn't have to PLAN beforehand not to have anything important on THE day because I know I will be dying (luckily I'm super regular). 

I've gotten to the point that having my period scares me.

My mom (who is a doctor) thinks I fake and that my "problem" is psycologhical and I have to get over it and do normal things. My friends are totally sure I fake in order to miss school (I wonder what they say when I miss going to cool places, then). So, I don't really have a lot of support, do I?

What do you think people?

ps: I apologise for the bad grammar; I feel like crap so I'm not paying that much atention to my English (which isn't my first language to start with)

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