cantankerous (misledyouth00) wrote in vaginapagina,

Porn and Vibrators

Indirectly vagina related?

1) My first questions on porn. Men/bisexual ladies have Suicide Girls, Burning Angel, etc. for their 'alternative looking' porn so I was wondering if there were any thing like that in terms of 'alternative looking'  guy porn for those of us into mainly heterosexual porn. I know of Rob Rotten and I enjoy his mixing porn up with punk and horror films but I was wondering if anyone knows of anything else like this out there? Cause sometimes hes kind of laughable...and also boring when that's all you've got.

2) Question two, I'm looking to get my first fancy vibrator to use with my husband and alone. My friend recommended this one as the best shes ever used (and after having used TONS of different kinds, I trust her judgment) and I do love all the features this one looks to have -the beads on the track, the separate clit stimulator, the size, the shape, the nubs but of course with my luck, its discontinued! Does anyone know of any place that's still selling this model or of anything that's super close to it?

Any points in the right direction are strongly appreciated! Thanks!
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