_crystalmyth (_crystalmyth) wrote in vaginapagina,

Warts? Irritation?

I found what appears to be irritation from shaving (or possibly rough sex) on my outer labia, but I'm worried it might be genital warts. I had unprotected sex in mid-December, but had a screening done shortly thereafter which came back negative. I've been having unprotected sex with the guy I'm currently seeing and he says he's STI/STD-free. However, I know guys can't be tested for HPV and I'm just.. worried.

I'm almost straight screwed because I just got divorced, and have no Tricare benefits and I'm not back on my mom's insurance yet. Oh, and there's no Planned Parenthood around here (the closest one is in Atlanta - almost an hour away). I just called the health clinic and they told me the earliest appointments they have are in March, but I can try to do a walk in appointment on Monday, which I'm going to do.

Any words of wisdom/advice/comfort?
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