estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird pinchy feeling in pelvic region

I'm supposed to be documenting all my symptoms and doctors visits for the last year, after being diagnosed with probable PID. I went to the doctor with 'pelvic symptoms' 4-6 times between July and now, but it wasn't exactly pain, more like a weird pulling feeling now and again (which I understand can indicate PID and mentioned to my GP who told me it was nothing) and this sort of weird feeling where I imagine my ovaries/fallopian tubes are, not pain but a weird pinchy feeling or very slight tenderness. I've had doctors pushing on my abdomen since last July and honestly, none of it hurt. I either felt nothing or it felt a bit weird. The couple of times I had significant discomfort, my GP told me that was my bowel she was poking, and that I was probably constipated (she was right) but my bowel isn't on both sides of my abdomen and these pains are. Does anyone have any idea of what these weird feelings might be? I have constant IBS symptoms, so it's really hard to tell if if it's pelvic or bowel related most of the time.

Also, it is normal for your cervix to be very sore or tender during exams? I don't remember if I asked that question here (I'm sure I did at some stage!) but the doctors and nurses I saw told me it wasn't unusual. My cervix apparently lies at a strange angle (sort of pointing downwards, from what I understand) and it takes some time and poking around and several changes of speculum to find it which is stressful and very uncomfortable for me. I don't remember it ever being quite as excruciating as last week when they suspected PID, but it's always been very sore.
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