The Ross Family (lilmamaross) wrote in vaginapagina,
The Ross Family


Hi! I'm new. My name is Kayla. I'm 21, mother of a 5 month old. And I come bearing a "problem with sex after the baby" question. haha

Okay so as you can guess from my lil intro up there, I had a lil babyboy 5 months ago (a little over 5mo actually). He was my first! I did everything they told me after I got out of the hospital. I didn't do any heavy lifting, I didn't stress myself or force myself to do things I couldn't, I let people help me, blahblahblahhhh. I even waited the entire 6 weeks they suggest before attempting sex again!

So...For a lil backstory, I wasn't even sexually active for a year by the time I got pregnant--try 6 months hah! And all through my pregnancy I had no interest almost whatsoever in sex (I kept waiting for the "OMG NEED SEX NOW!" thing to strike and so did Richard LOL!). And so we didn't do much in that

And unfortunately from that point up until as recently as about 3-4 nights ago, it has been so impossibly hard for me & the hubby to get things going! I mean, it HURTS. I mean, I don't think it even hurt this much when the man took my V-card! Seriously. I mean, we've tried it with condoms, without condoms, tons tons tons of lube... Nothing makes it any better or hurt any easier! For the longest time I thought the doctor stitched me up too much or that I had some tear or something down there.

So I had a pap done about a week or so ago and asked the gyno about it at the time and I thought we figured this out. She said I had a bladder infection (I think that's what it was at least. I can't remember exactly haha) or something that was causing some discharge that was irritating my cervix.

So I got some pills, took those for a week, and thought everything would be good. So far not so much! I still have no idea what's going on and why it hurts so much... Does it really take this long to get back to the norm? I miss my old sex life! Hell, I miss sex period!
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