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Alright the last few times that my boyfriend and I have had sex I haven't really been able to get wet ( i never have so it's not an issue of foreplay getting turned on etc) and we use lube, and have sex. I am fairly small and he is average to a bit big and his hands are also very large, anyway when he fingers me and when we have sex the last few times it has hurt to do it so we stopped. I also bled a little bit afterwards. Then today I looked at my vagina just to see if he had cut it with his nails or something and to my horror there was two small like dark purple ish red bumps on the opening of my vagina but closer to my urethra, they are sore to the touch and it looks swollen to me. I am almost in tears thinking that I have herpes and I took a pic to see if you ladies think that is what it looks like. I have a doctors appointment schedualed for monday...

*** EDIT **** soooo sorry i fixed the cut !!!!! 






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