Goat Friends (frolicnaked) wrote in vaginapagina,
Goat Friends

Light Periods, Fun Menstruation Photos, & Other Extraneous Questions

I. Light Periods -- I'm having an astoundingly light period, and I have to assume that my hysteroscopy on 1/13 is a significant factor in this. I did not spot very much afterward (one pantyliner directly afterward, one pantyliner for the day after, neither close to saturated), and I am reasonably certain this was an ovulatory cycle. That said, I'm also experiencing bleeding that's only about 20% of what's normal for me. (At this point, pregnancy is also exceedingly unlikely.) I'm assuming that there could have been a fair amount of uterine lining that came out during the procedure, but since I wasn't actually told this could happen, I thought I'd double check just to be sure. (I also know that wonky cycles can sometimes happen just because, but if this is one for which I have a more concrete explanation, that's one less just because I put in my brain.) EDIT: Yeah, I probably jinxed it by asking. ;)

B. Whee, Nekkid! -- I also have a happy-making photo of my menstrual bleeding, for some reason. I think I was trying to take a picture of the incision site, but in this shot, I missed.


I have even more random stuff on my digital camera from time to time, I assure you.

3. Menstrual Products of Enormous Capacity -- Since I am posting, I'll also ask... no one knows of a menstrual cup that is no longer than a Mooncup UK (~50mm sans stem) but that has a higher functional capacity than a small Yuuki (roughly 26-27mL of what I can actually put in it), do they? Since the Lady Cup is pretty squishy and has a relatively untextured base, I'm wondering if a large there would be doable, despite it being longer than my Mooncup. Thoughts? (Also, TIA for referrals to menstrual_cups. I may post there about it at some point.) :)

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