Dylan (daddysambiguity) wrote in vaginapagina,

strange excess skin/growth/lump on anus?

Hi VPers!

Forgive me if I am asking a question that's been addressed a hundred times before. I'm on muscle relaxants and a little loopy, but I tried to check the tags and didn't really find any anus-related posts that described my exact situation, so here's my question:

Tonight while bathing I noticed that I have a small nodule of excess skin on the back of my anus (I do know I didn't have it a week ago! Since touching it in the bath, it's begun itching and is a bit painful when I sit down or move a lot. I'd thought it could be hemorrhoids -- which I've never had before -- but I looked at photos of hemorrhoids online (I did a google image search) and I don't feel that this resembles the pics I found in which the tissue basically looked quite huge and swollen and veiny and coming directly from inside the anus. My fiance, whose had hemorrhoids quite a bit, casually handed me some prep-H typed cream and said that'd fix it, but I'm just confused because from what I saw about hemorrhoids online, I'm not sure my situation fits exactly. This is kind of a small bit of skin that feels kind of like a tiny ball attached to the edge of my anus. It's not actually coming OUT of my anus, as far as I can tell and it certainly doesn't look as invasive as the hemorrhoids photos and diagrams demonstrated. It also doesn't appear to bleed -- at least, not yet that I've noticed. Though, if I were to go to the bathroom tonight, I do think it would be a bit painful, particularly wiping.

I was just wondering what you thought it might be and whether I should worry. I don't have any new sexual partners and haven't had anal sex in probably a year. Don't worry. I can see a doctor if it's still here in a week, but I just went in today for some neck pain and can't really afford to go back so soon unless it's serious. I was diagnosed with HPV years ago (though not the kind that have external warts) and do get regular paps for that, but it's not my understanding that an HPV strain that never produced vaginal warts before would suddenly produce an anal wart out of the blue. But I thought I'd throw that out there.

Thanks in advance! :)
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