Erin Joy (_rainbow_bright) wrote in vaginapagina,
Erin Joy

Oral Thrust (Yeast in my MOUTH)

 So, I woke up Saturday morning and my mouth felt a bit weird.  I looked in the mirror and my tongue was all coated with white and yellow.  Oral thrush.  Gross.  I'm not entirely sure why it decided to make it's appearance, my inhalers for asthma can cause it, but I take them everyday, why now?  All I can think of is that I had a beer the night before, but I only had one.  I never drink beer though, so I guess it could be that?  I dunno.  

Anyway, any great home remedies?  I've been eating TONS of yogurt, taking probiotics, and making an effort to eat garlic, but it's Monday, and my tongue is still yellow.  I'm going to the doctor later this week anyway, but I would REALLY prefer not to have to take anything for this.  Anyone have any experience with this?  I'm just slightly concerned that it'll get all yeasty out of control or something.  

Thanks wonderfuls :) 
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