vivalameghan (vivalameghan) wrote in vaginapagina,

Discharge/Pain after sex for the first time in a while...& HPV shot

hey ladies. i posted about this earlier but i have two new concerns so i'll just jumble them all into one:

i had sex last night for the first time in a while. my boyfriend and i refrained from sex for about 2 months due to a heavy & prolonged period, minus about twice during that time. we had sex last weekend and again last night, seeing that my bleeding is gone. i am now experiencing some pain. it didn't hurt while we were doing it, and it was rough, so i think that's really the reason. but i also noticed some small bumps right near the vaginal opening, but closer to my legs. could this be from shaving the day before and then having sex? the friction? i dont know!

and now i'm having some discharge. it's not yeasty...i mean, it's slightly different than usual. and i have the very occasional itch, but it's nothing like any infection i've ever had in the way that it's not very bothersome. there's an occasional white clump but it's nothing near the "cottage cheese" of a YI. so, does anyone think that this increase in discharge has to do with having sex for the first time in a while?

and finally, sorry for the long post, i was wondering if anyone else has a permanent bump on their arm from the HPV shot. i got my second one almost 2 months ago and still have a bead-sized bump at the injection site. is this normal?

thank you all :)
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