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Yeast infection issues- Please help!! :(


Hi everyone,


I am looking for anyone with advice or anyone who has had the same issues before. I am having major yeast infection issues L I am not sure if it runs in the family but my mom has also suffered from them her entire life. They started about 2 years ago and I attributed them to the Nuva Ring, being more sexually active, and expanding my food horizons (I had previously been a very picky eater). When I switched off nuva ring they seemed to dissipate for the most part but now they have come back with a vengeance. The itching is around my vagina area and also rectal area. It also causes some discharge although not a lot and my labia to be inflamed at times (I once thought this was an STD but was tested and turned negative). I have tried taking the over the counter meds (Diflucan) but it hasn’t helped. I did a yeast cleanse (candida cleanse) with oregano oil and that seemed to make it better for a week but it just came back. I have an IUD now which I had inserted about 3 months ago and I am unsure if that is making anything different but I did have a yeast infection prior to insertion as well so I do not think that is the cause. I have tried a number of things but to no avail- yeast cleanse, oil of oregano, switching soaps, enemas, aloe vera, apple cidar vinegar, cutting out sugar and white flour, and taking probiotic but nothing seems to be helping. I have been trying to cut out as many carbs as I can but the truth is its very hard for me to not be able to eat those kinds of foods again as it seems more of a torture than the yeast itself (lol). I am looking to anyone who could point me in the right direction to rid myself of the yeast and be on a maintenance system that 1) rids me of this yeast!! (I am so uncomfortable on a day to day basis!) 2) is actually doable and not too hard to keep an upkeep with daily life. I am struggling right now with depression with this as it has greatly affected my sex life (who feels sexy when you feel itchy and gross down there, plus the fact that it hurts more to have sex) and my work life (it is so uncomfortable at work when you are constantly squirming in your pants). My mom suggested using soloray yeast cleanse and y-stat suppositories and has said that has helped her a great deal and I do have an order of them coming (its harder to get things when you live on an island- Hawaii) so hopefully those will help. Any advice that anyone has who has dealt with this or knows how to deal with this would be GREATLY appreciated (I am willing to try anything that may help!!!!) Thanks everyone!!! =)


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