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~Mystery Blood~ correlation with coffee/diet?

Hello vpers. This isnt really vagina related as I'm almost certain this isnt coming from my vagina, but I'm feeling kind of paranoid and I'd like some insight. I posted several weeks ago about this issue but it came up again. I have a history of colitis and am 21 years old. A few weeks ago, I had a few painful bowel movements and when I wiped there was blood. I changed my diet, started eating a little better and drank more water and laid off the coffee. I've went several weeks without an issue. I've been eating fast food pretty much all week due to a crazy schedule and some partying and today I had about two cups of coffee (hadnt had it in about 2 weeks) and little to no water. I just had kind of an uncomfortable, but not really that painful bowel movement and when I wiped there was a good smear of blood, I wiped again and nothing. I couldnt see any blood in my stool. :/ But im starting to wonder if I should maybe get another colonscopy. Idk, I might just be paranoid (i am with a lot of things, especially health related things). Do you think it's my diet? Or should I maybe get this checked out? Again, to clarify, I had two instances of bloody wipes probably over a month ago, very close together (within maybe two days), and only once just now.
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