estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

PID - HOW???

I went to the sexual health clinic today thinking I might have herpes (apparently it's just ingrown hairs). While I was there, the nurse said my test results were back from last week. I'd had an exam that hurt so much I was diagnosed with PID, despite me making 10+ trips to the doctor in the last year thinking I had PID, and was told to stop worrying. Well all my tests came back normal, as expected. I'm so frustrated now. How is it possible that I went so far out of my way to not get PID and seem to have got it anyway?

* I don't have chlamydia
* I don't have gonorrhea
* I do have BV but previous tests in the last few months were negative
* I don't have an IUD
* Wasn't sexually active until 21
* Always use protection
* Have had only 3 partners
* No surgery involving opening up the cervix

I know that it's still possible to just get it........ am I just insanely unlucky? I'm low risk to begin with, I made good choices, I even went to the doctor suspecting PID and it was missed the whole time? I'm so confused.
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