spacepotatoe (spacepotatoe) wrote in vaginapagina,

What to expect?

Friday night my boyfriend and I were pretty drunk. We were having sex and we got really into it and we ended up having anal. I've always said I'd never do it but I guess with us both being drunk anything is acceptable haha. Anyways, it really hurt for me and I had to make him stop after a little bit because it was really painful. It bled a little so I'm hoping that's not a bad thing? The next day I was really sore and felt like I had to go to the bathroom everytime I uh, passed gas. It's still sore today and I'm just wondering if that happens to anyone that has tried it? I just don't know what to expect after having it and if it's really supposed to hurt that much after doing it. I'm don't even want to go to the bathroom because I'm afraid it's really going to hurt. I should be fine, right?
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