celly (unheardcry) wrote in vaginapagina,

new to sex and scared of pregnancy

alright vagpag. im nervous.

i recently lost my virginity at the beginning of the month, on jan2nd. the day of my last period was on december 29th.

we used condoms anytime his penis was anywhere close to my vagina, and he didnt come. he's super duper experienced and i'm like, totally not. i wasnt on BC at the time.

i had a pap smear two days later and talked to my gyno about it, she told me she was pretty sure theres no way i could be pregnant considering, but if i'd like she'd give me a emergency contraceptive. i've read plenty about those and if my doctor didnt think i was pregnant and felt there was no reason to worry then i figured taking a planB would be a bad idea.
i also was prescribed a new birth control which i started that day.

i'm getting close to my period, im starting to get cramps and breast soreness and of course my mind is like 'omg you're pregnant!!!' which is like..bad. i havent really talked or seen the guy since and have made peace with the fact that it just sorta happened, and am proud of myself for being so adamant about being protected. i'm still uneasy though.

so basically, tl;dr i lost my virginity and was safe about it and i'm nervous about pregnancy. reassure me that i'm okay?
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