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bladder infection? yeast infection? bleeding after sex?

okay, first off...i just started dating this guy, and no he is not dirty lol but we first started having lots of sex in the first bit, and then like 2days later it hurt to pee, and it was itchy and i was peeing like every half hour...so i asked my bestfriend what she thought it could be (ive never had anything) she said it sounded like a yeast infection..so i went and got some stuff for it, but this morning me and jake were lying in bed and we were pretty horny because we didnt have sex for the 5days i thought i had something, so i took a risk, and after we were done...we looked and he had blood on his penis..so i was like "wtf" ahah so i ran to the bathroom to wipe, and it was like a period...but im not supposed to get it until the 3rd or 4th of feb..so i dont know whats going on...anyone have any advice what could be happening??

oh just another note,
im on birth control, and have not missed any pills...
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