scorpioshine (scorpioshine) wrote in vaginapagina,

Using Monistat 3 or is it BV?

Hello all. I've posted on here before on vaginal infection problems. I still haven't gone to the doctors but I did finally decide to take the monistat 3 I bought a while ago. I'm on my second day, tonight will be my last dose and I'm just wondering when I should be seeing results. I believe it has somewhat helped it but not completely and where tonight I'll be taking my last dose I honestly don't know if it's working to its full potential. Now I'm wondering if I have BV or not. I did also take a vagisal screening kit and I believe it came out either normal/yeast infection but its hard to tell. There's a lot of itching, burning and painful intercourse followed with milky discharge with some white clumps/almost normal with no smell. I've heard BV smells fishy and I don't smell that. I've been dealing with this since July 08 so it's been a while. First it was maybe one a year, then two-three a year and now its almost constant after I get off my period. I also think I'm having a allergic reaction to pads. I've been trying every brand but nothing helps. I haven't been to the doctors because I don't have insurance or money to go and there isn't any free clinic in my area. Thanks if you could help me out!

I'm also freaking out about having PID. I have had some mild abdominal pain lately. I just hope I'm being paranoid.
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