thistlestickle (cadetsandkings) wrote in vaginapagina,

Seeking opinion on birth control stacking..

Hey y'all,

So I started Yasmin in December and finished my first pack and had to choose to either stack or let myself have a withdrawal bleed. I chose stacking BECAUSE I am taking it for PMDD. (Yaz is not available where I live.) So far I am happier and more functional on Yasmin.

I'm halfway through the second pack now and I've had some pretty redonkulous breakthrough bleeding, which didn't surprise me very much as stacking can cause that. The thing I'm not too happy about is that the pain in my right ovary has come back this week. So, I seek advice/opinions:

I was going to just stack the first three packs and THEN take a week off because I'm pretty bad at pill routines, but now I am considering taking a pill-free week between this pack and pack #3 to kind of get the bleeding over with and 'reset' things.

In your opinions/experience is it probably best to just cut my losses with stacking and take the week off, or do bodies usually settle down with additional rounds of stacking? I'm willing to take the risk of continued breakthrough and pain at this level in order to maintain the AWESOME effects of the Yasmin on my mental health but only if it's likely my body will adjust to a 9 weeks on/1 week off rotation.

I have a feeling based on the memories/tags/search function that it's 6 of one and a half-dozen of the other for how my body would react to a third round of stacking pills, but it can't hurt to ask. It's the first time in six years that I've tried HBC so I don't have a very good gauge of my body's reactions to hormones.

Also, I am not using Yasmin for birth control as I am not having sex right now, so I am not concerned about interrupting protection or anything like that.
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