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About 8 months ago i thought i had a UTI (because of general discomfort and pain when urinating) so i went to a local clinic (because it was during summer, i couldn't go to the student health clinic). They refused to see me twice because i didn't have insurance, and finally saw me the third time because i was absolutely desperate. The clinic tested me for a UTI and the nurse practitioner said, "your urine looks funky" and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. I took the antibiotics, felt better, but then started to feel weird again. Instead of dealing with that clinic, i figured it was a YI and got a 7-day monistat package and that seemed to help everything.

Fast foward to this week...and i'm having the same uncomfortable feeling. At the beginning of this week i had sex with my boyfriend, and i felt fine and normal until 2 days ago. I have a bit of pressure in my pelvic region, but nothing that hurts. My real pain comes when i try to pee, it burns right at the end of me peeing, and the entrance to my vagina feels sore. I'm wondering if i could confuse a UTI and a YI or if i could have both at the same time? Any information would be very very helpful.

I'm 23 years old and i've never had a gynecological exam. I know i need to, especially since i'm feeling...not normal. I live in a fairly rural area when it comes to medical clinics and such, but i found one online that said they treat people who are underinsured or uninsured all together, with a sliding scale. I recently graduated from the university i was going to so i can't go to their health centers anymore AND i don't have insurance. Even if i go to this place and it's on a sliding scale, does anyone know how expensive it will be?

In the meantime, i've just been trying to drink a lot more water and stay away from sweet stuff. Sorry this is so long...i just wanted to give as much information as possible so maybe some of you can help me or give me advice. The whole situation is really starting to stress me out/scare me :( Even thought it's been 8 months since i last had any problems, i feel like that's too soon to be having issues again :/
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