saiyansprincess (saiyansprincess) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird bleed free weeks?

I'm on NuvaRing, and have been since September. My first few bleed free weeks were fine.
But my last one was strange, I had little....peices of stuff? It was like there was pieces of snot coming out. And not like, ovulation cm snot. Like chunks of stuff. they were greenish white and seemed to collect on my ring. I tried washing it off a few times, which is what my doctor told me to do, but that only stopped it for a day or two.

This time i'm having mass amounts of super sticky cm, as if I was ovulating.
And starting yesterday I started getting sick in the mornings.
I don't think there's anyway I could be pregnant, since the ring seems to be doing its job, according to my gyno.

Other stuff:
I have a long term boyfriend.
We have sex.
He's the only one i've had sex with , and i'm the only one he's had sex with.

Helps please?

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