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My tampon comes out bent... Why?

I'm having a really weird period and I need to know if this is sort of normal or not.
I was spotting over the weekend and expected Monday to be a very heavy, unpleasant day. Instead, I experienced a weird, pretty intense pain all day and VERY little blood. I have pressure in my lower abdomen and when I remove the tampon, there is some blood in the center of it, and the actual tampon comes out BENT. CURVED. I don't know how this happened or why this is happening but I can't seem to find any other information about it. I keep thinking that there is something obstructing the tampon, but it doesn't happen with every one. Some come out normal. I keep checking to see if there's a stray tampon up there but I really can't find anything. Even so, if I did have an old tampon up there I figure there would be an awful odor and strange discharge, which there isn't. The bent tampon happened maybe twice my last period but nothing else abnormal occurred, so I thought it was just a fluke. Something else that might be important to note: the blood on my tampon seems to only appear on the center of the tampon. I don't recall any blood being on the top or bottom on any of my tampons since I started spotting over the weekend.

The other thing that's sort of weird is that at no point did my period get heavy, regardless of the intense pain I was feeling. I expected Monday to be awful, but the amount of blood has been pretty meager. I generally have a really heavy second or third day until it quiets down a bit.

What's going on?

Thank you for the help!

Just in case this is relevant:
I'm not on birth control.
I'm not on any other kind of medication.
I have a long term boyfriend.
I currently don't have medical insurance so I'm freaking out about what this could be, how serious this is, etc.

Please help!
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