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hello everyone,

i have a question for you superstars. i'm currently on Yasmin (i know that Yaz is supposed to help with PMDD, but i've done well on Yasmin and not sure i want to switch) and experiencing the craziest PMS symptoms ever. it's not unusual for me to be cranky, but i am a full on raging rhinoceros. ANYTHING will set me off, from someone cutting me off while driving to my cat rubbing against my leg. 30 seconds later, i'm crying and i can't stop for an hour and am incredibly sad. i also have thoughts of suicide and hurting myself, which i think is the scariest for me. of note is that fact that i do suffer from depression, but it's pretty mild and i'm doing okay without meds/therapy, but i've never had any suicidal thoughts or thoughts of hurting myself along with depression. it's just the anger...i am so angry at absolutely everything and nothing at the same time. i'm tired, disinterested in everything (i stared at the wall for an hour yesterday), can't concentrate, have NO sex drive at all, which is very off for me, and just want to be held by my boyfriend 24/7.

i am also extremely stressed out with work at the moment, so i am not sure how much that is attributing to this...rage/depression.

on a side note, my cramps are not that bad...which worries me. i'm on the pill, like i mentioned before, and my bf and i have only had condomless sex ONCE a few weeks ago. i hope i don't have to worry and it's just the stress that's causing my period to be late!

any suggestions you have about the emotional issues would be appreciated. who would be the one to even diagnose PMDD? an OBGYN or a psychiatrist?
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