estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pain in vagina

Hey, sorry for posting so much recently but I'm sort of clutching at straws to understand what's going on with my vag. I am being treated for BV and suspected PID, based on the BV test coming up positive right there at the clinic, and the amount of pain I was in during the exam.

I am still waiting on further results which may or may not confirm the PID, but wondering if it's typical for your whole vagina to hurt when you have PID? I've always had a super sensitive cervix, and pap smears have always hurt me, but this time my entire vag was sore, like from the inner labia even. The doctor barely had the speculum in an inch and it was already super sore. I had seen a doctor and a nurse before Christmas who told me it looked just like a YI (my vag was all red inside like when I get YIs) and told me it was normal for it to be sore, so I just accepted that. This time at the clinic, the doctor seemed concerned that it was causing me so much pain, and moved his fingers to the left and right (not sure if it was my cervix, probably was) and it was very, very painful. He also pressed on my abdomen (his fingers were not inside me at that stage) and that wasn't particularly painful.

I realise I'm clutching at straws, but is there any realistic way that the pain may not have been caused by PID?
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