jesexxxica (jesexxxica) wrote in vaginapagina,

Another pregnancy question.

Haven't posted in a year or so.

Fun Facts:
Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo.
Been on the pill a year and a half.
Long-term boyfriend.
HBC sole protection 50%.
Withdrawal the other 50%.
Never missed a withdrawal bleed before.

However, Friday morning I start my active pills again and I am yet to see any blood. I'm pretty educated on the topic...I know that I can miss a bleed and not be pregnant. I took time to research this all before, but posting here has helped ease my nerves in the past, and I'm hoping it will again!

I took a small (probably not very factually verifiable) quiz about an hour ago that was supposed to determine if I was pregnant or not. My result was "you're not quite in the clear yet." Yay. Not.

The symptoms that I had to click "yes" on were:
Headaches frequently
Nose bleeding

I feel it important to note that I have a strange caffeine addiction I'd like to knock, but in the meantime, if I don't get my caffeiene I get headaches. These two go hand-in-hand always.

I had never heard of the nose bleeding symptom before, but my nose has been overflowing my blood for a couple weeks. I mean it's not pouring out but whenever I put my finger up there (come on, we all do it when no one's looking) I come out with a bloody finger. I joked with my boyfriend this morning that my nose was having a period instead of my vagina. Anyways...

I kinda attributed the nose bleeding to a potential cut and/or FREEZING upstate New York weather this time of the year.

Inserting here because I don't know where else to insert it:
For about three days this past month I had an upset tummy in the evenings. I am so paranoid I worried about pregnancy back then. To ease my own nerves, I attributed that to the Parmesan, butter, and heavy whipping cream alfredo sauce I made. Coincidental the upset tummy was on the same three days I had some fettuccine alfredo leftovers (all three days in a row). I have a history with being lactose intolerant :(

But now that my bleed is late, I can't help but think about it... and stress...

For what it's worth, I started school again today too. I don't feel stressed about it. Hell, it's the 6th time I've had the first day of the semester. I just want it overwith more than anything. Can stress be subconscious?

Helps please? I've never wanted to bleed more badly in my life!!

Edit: I've never missed a pill, and though I used to be better at taking it at EXACTLY the same time each day, I've kinda drifted to taking it between 7:30 and 9ish now. Sometimes as late as 11:30, but that's really the latest ever.
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