notimetopanic (notimetopanic) wrote in vaginapagina,

STD/STI testing questions

Hello all!

Just a few quick questions. I've never had an STD/STI panel done, and I'm looking to change that sometime this month. I just want to know:

~are test results immediate, or will I have to wait for them? (That is my number one question and curiosity.) 
~where would everyone recommend I go for testing? I recently got insurance through my job (YAY! omg), but I'm not sure if a) this kind of thing is usually covered by insurance; and b) where I should go to get tested. I'm currently looking for a new gynocologist in my area, since I've recently moved. I've heard that OB-GYN's can do testing, but it's never come up with any of my old doctors, so I don't know for sure if they offered such services. Do all gynocologists offer tests? Is there somewhere else I should look into for testing?
~What should I expect when I go for my test? (i.e. what are the procedures?) 
~What should I ask for/about? I know that most tests don't automatically include herpes testing (unless there are symptoms, of which I've had none); but what DO they test for, and how do they do it? And is it possible to get a herpes test anyway, even without presenting symptoms? (I do get cold sores in the corner of my mouth about once a year, so I know I have at least one of the HSV viruses, but can they test to see if I have the other as well? I've never had any symptoms, but I've read that some people either never show symptoms or have very mild ones.)

I'm long overdue for testing, and I feel silly not knowing the answers to any of these questions. I also feel a little ashamed of myself for having never been tested - and I'm a little worried that the doctor will frown on me for that. :(  

Any and all advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated! I really dislike going into things without any real knowledge of procedure and whatnot. Thanks a bunch in advance. :)
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