mancala_hour (mancala_hour) wrote in vaginapagina,

low dose vs. regular dose BC

I usually have my BC pills sent to me by mail through a program at Planned Parenthood. Last time they mailed them out, they only sent 2 instead of 3 so today I went to go pick up my last pack before I would need an annual exam. When I got there I was told they no longer carried Ortho tri-cyclen Lo, but did have the regular Ortho Tri-cyclen. I expressed my concerns with switching to a higher dosage of hormones, but the lady I spoke with reassured me that they were made by the same manufacturer and it wouldn't be too much of a change. I'm getting the pills through a state wide program for students with low income and basically get the pills for free, so it is a great situation and I hate to complain, but what are your thoughts on switching to a higher dose of hormones? I've heard and read things about how bad BC pills are anyway due to the extra hormones and am not quite sure how I feel about introducing a higher dosage. I will have to go back next month for an exam and plan on speaking with a doctor then about my options. Is a higher dosage that big of a deal? Last time I was there they had Yaz as an option, which I've also heard bad things about, but to my knowledge it is lower dose. Any input on this would be very helpful! Thank you in advance for answering any of my questions!
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