polish_pirate (polish_pirate) wrote in vaginapagina,

NuvaRing dryness?

Hi there, Superstars!

I've a bit of a dilemma for you all:

I'm on my third month of using the NuvaRing as my HBC and I've noticed that my vulva has become a bit dry near the lower end of my vaginal opening, sort of near the end of the "slit" and end of the outer labia (please forgive my terminology... I know much less about my anatomy than I ought to- I'm learning!).

My suspicion is that the cause is the ring itself as I've noticed the Ring keeps my vaginal opening, um, for lack of better words, more exposed or open than it is without the Ring. This dryness has been accompanied by much more frequent discharge than I usually have. The discharge isn't clumpy or white or odd smelling, there's just been a LOT of it. There was more discharge when I first inserted the Ring this month and the amount has been slowly tapering off. Also, as time has gone by, it seems to be getting harder and harder to keep the Ring in without it trying to pop itself out. (With some recent experimentation I want to say that I have a "short" vagina, and my cervix drops REALLY low around my period, so maybe this a factor?)

So, my questions are thus:

1.) Is there anything I can do about the dryness?
2.) Could the discharge be my body's way of compensating for the openness/dryness caused by the Ring?
3.) Is there some sort of cream or such that I can safely use that will help with the dryness?
4.) Could it be possible that my vagina is too short for the NuvaRing or could I do something like kegels to strengthen my pelvic muscles to help keep the Ring in?
5.) Could there be something else going on that I haven't thought of?
6.) Is this grounds for [yet another] HBC change?

Thanks VPers, I really appreciate any help!
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