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Goat Friends

FAM and Coverlines

First off, I do know that the shift and not the specific temp is what's important in determining ovulation; this is why coverlines alone aren't reliable for determining ovulation days. That said, I'm asking about this with respect to predicting my period, not with respect for more/less fertile days for PIV sex. (Though I will point out that predicting my period falls more under "significantly need to adjust my life so I can cope" and less under "it would be more convenient.")

Due to outpatient surgery last week, I was unable to chart at the time I estimate I would have been ovulating. (Meds, dehydration, erratic sleep schedule, and general anesthesia will do that.) It is possible that the combined stress of post-holiday-back-to-work and surgery prep delayed my ovulation.

However, since Saturday, I've been getting waking temps of 97.2F and 97.3F. I realize that may not be terribly high in the grand scheme of things, but in roughly 4 years of charting (4 months now and 3.5 years several years ago), I've pretty much always had coverlines in the 96.8F to 97.1F range. I'm certainly not discounting the possibility of a one-time anomaly (meaning I may not have ovulated yet), but it really would have to be a sharp departure from my norm (at least my historical norm, which is more firmly established) for that to be happening.

About how consistent are your coverlines from cycle to cycle?

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