estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bacterial vaginosis

Just trying to get my head around finding out I have BV and very probably PID as well. I have a few questions about BV I want to ask, so I can be more prepared for when I go back to see the doctor.

1) Is it possible to have repeated false negatives? Is it easy to get a false negative? I understand that the test is based on criteria such as vaginal ph, presence of clue cells, discharge and odor. I must have had about 8 tests for BV in the last year, and until now all of them came back 'normal'. In fact all my tests for everything came back normal. Is it possible to have false negatives over and over? Is it more likely for tests not to be accurate when they have to be sent away as opposed to analysed there and then by the doctor or nurse?

2) Is it possible to have a significant amount of pain with BV? The doctor said it was very unlikely, and so it was much more likely that I have PID, as the pain on inserting the speculum was excruciating. However, I had my last set of vaginal swabs done in late November (I think) and it was also pretty damn sore and the nurse didn't seem phased at all and said it was normal to have pain with a YI (which is what she thought it was) I've pretty much always had some level of pain during exams, but this one seemed a lot more painful than usual.
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