Let Me Walk, Before They (makemerun) wrote in vaginapagina,
Let Me Walk, Before They

2 negative YI tests, still symptomatic, possible water breakage?

Dear Doctor LJ,

I've been tested twice, and twice it's come back negative for yeast infection. I had swelling and itching, where the outer labia swelled up so much that it was hard to even pee.

My vagina itself is still really sore, but the itching and swelling has been gone for a couple of weeks. Over this weekend, I've had a low fever of 98.5-99; my normal temperature is rarely above 97.

I realize there have been many past posts about undetected yeast infections, or forms that don't test positive(?), but because I'm 34 weeks pregnant, I'm not sure how this may or may not add variables.

My biggest concern is that it has only taken four hours for me to completely soak through a pair of panties. I checked, and sure enough, I have a constant stream of clear, (but not watery) discharge. Is there any chance my water could have broken or the bag of waters been damaged without me noticing a sudden gush? Is that possible this early on? Or is this most likely just another sign that I have an unusual form of yeast infection?

I have an appointment with my OB tomorrow, and my insurance got screwed up this month so I have no way to see a GP until Feb 1.

I guess my main question is: Is this something I should call my OB about immediately, or can it wait until tomorrow morning?

ETA I ended up calling fairly soon after I posted this, and didn't expect a response because my OB office never gets back to me, lol. They called me within about ten minutes and made me come in right away. It definitely wasn't amniotic fluid, and no sign of infection.
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