vivalameghan (vivalameghan) wrote in vaginapagina,

someone please help! very little blood in stools...

hi guys, sorry this is gross. but i got a very little amount of blood in my stools when i went to the bathroom tonight. ive been constipated for a while, and have been having black-tarry stools when i can actually go. i dont know if this is anything to worry about. i had some pretty bad stomach pains about half an hour before i went too but i think that might just be because i was constipated. i also have my period (like you all know) so i dont know if this is anything to worry about? its a miniscule amount. like, i just saw a little drip and a small streak on the toilet paper. but i think some came out when i tried to go, too, because the water seemed tinted red.
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