redonthefly (redonthefly) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC and sore boobies. :(

 Hey y'all!

I just have a quick question about my poor, sore boobs. I've been on Lutera for the last 4 months, and it's been going well. All my initial side effects have settled down into pretty much nothing, except for the fact that my boobs have grown about a cup and a half. Which really, that's cool with me because I didn't have a whole lot in that department to start with.

Only thing is, they're sore ALL the time. I used to get soreness with the regular PMS jazz, and this feels about the same...except that it hasn't let up at all. I bump them, they hurt. I hug my man, they hurt. Today I leaned over the back of my couch to fish out something I'd dropped, and I just about died when they got smooshed a little.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'm considering mentioning it to my doc, but I really don't want to have to switch brands, because otherwise, things have been going so well.


TIA everyone. :)
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