Erin (natane) wrote in vaginapagina,

i've never experienced cramps like this.

i got my IUD put in on Friday, and started my period the same day - i am currently spotting, so sorta still having my period? i expect it to be here for a while, since i was stacking before this and hadn't had my period for months (although i had lovely brownish mucus!)

anyway, cause aside, i'm having cramps. they're tending to be on the right side of my uterus... and they cause phantom pains down my right thigh. and in my right arm. and in the right side of my neck. really. and i know it's from the cramps, cause the pains come and go with the cramps, fading away a bit after.

and they make my throat feel like i'm gonna throw up... but only on the right side. i don't know how else to explain that and make sense. haha.

has anyone else had this happen? if it was on my left side, i'd worry, but as it's on the right i'm just assuming it's normal, in the sense of not a random life-threatening emergency or something wrong with my body.

this whole cramping and bleeding again after months of not is an odd experience as is...
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