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Trouble adjusting to the Cold.

I have a problem and noone has been listening to me about it (my general doctor and specialists) for the last two years. I have trouble adjusting to changing temperatures. Major trouble- as in I walk outside in -2 degree weather without a coat and I do not feel cold- I do not even begin to start shivering until an hour or two later!!!! With this I even sweat, have a few heart palpitations, and feel sick with it. I used to think it was hot flashes- but not anymore, its too often and it doesn’t mimic exact hot flashes. Because after I cool down later in the morning I am freezing cold for the rest of the day.

I have Psuedo Tumor Cerebri and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and neither one indicate things like this. I have always assumed it was my thyroid but so far no luck- everything seems to be okay there. (My last checkup was in April with that and it was all within limits) However, I had done some research online and found that having hypothyroidism can make you do this instead of being cold all the time. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Does anyone know any articles that would help to show to my doctor about it?

I have made an appointment with my doctor specifically for this reason, but I would at least like some information for myself or at least have an idea about what it is.

Any ideas or suggestions anyone?

ETA: I went to my GP this morning and she was fascinated by it. She says she will do some research and see best who to send me to (Endocrinologist or someone my Neuro recommends!!) Finally- there may be a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!
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