evillittlekiwi (evillittlekiwi) wrote in vaginapagina,

pms while on the pill?!

(i looked in the faq's quick..but didn't seean answer)

i'm only on my second pack of pills (yaz)..about 10 pills from my inactive set. i've gotten some massive period zits and now my boobs hurt and i'm eating everything in sight. within the time frame as if i was expecting my period. ugh

so is it possible to have pms symptoms while on the pill? or is my body still adjusting?
or i guess i could be pregnant? which is a very slim chance..
(i will admit i am an "average" user as i was ill and vomited 3-4 hrs after i took the pill a couple times in the last 2 weeks with no back up when having sex..so i'll take a test at the end of the month)
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