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Pelvic pain= Cyst?

On October 19th, I had the Mirena IUD inserted. It expelled November 18th and I switched birth control the same day to Implanon. Around Christmas, I had an unusual discharge that was strong in scent and slightly off-color (ever so slightly greenish/yellowish). I figured that it was BV and after posting here, I treated it with a hydrogen peroxide douche. The unusual discharge has been gone for ~2 weeks now.

Now I have some pain in my pelvic area, since about the beginning of this week. It started for a few days as a stabby-ish kind of crampy pain, like when I'm ovulating. It's still a dull pain, but it's more constant now. It's not even close to severe like when I had my Mirena inserted, but it is very uncomfortable to have it be so constant. I feel it most when I use the bathroom. I don't know if it hurts when having sex, because I have not had sex in a month-ish and I don't penetrate at all when I masturbate.

There's a few things I think it may be, so I have a few questions.

PID: It's probably unlikely because the pain is not even remotely close to severe, but I'm considering it since I recently had a bacterial infection post-expulsion. How would this be treated, and is this even a real possibility, given that I have very little pain and the symptoms of BV have been gone for a couple weeks?

Cyst: I've heard Mirena and/or Implanon can possibly increase likelihood of cysts, but the pain is on both sides (often alternating). I've also read in this community that cyst pain often starts as lower back pain, and I have no more of that than usual (back problems). Is that kind of pain more internal toward the back? Because if so, that's probably not the answer. Do/can cysts go away on their own if they're at the point where they're causing me slight pain? Besides surgery, how can they be treated?

Bladder or Kidney issues: This is going from memory, not physical medical records (because I don't have a copy of those), but when I was very young, I had a bladder infection that went untreated for long enough that it spread to my kidneys and I had some kind of surgery for it. My kidneys have been fine ever since. I'm considering kidney or bladder issues as a possibility because of it being uncomfortable when I use the bathroom, but as far as the kidneys go, again, no lower back pain that I can't attribute to my existing back issues.

Really crappy pre-menstrual cramps: I haven't had a period on Implanon since end of november/beginning of december, so I'm probably due. I am NOT pregnant, I'm attributing the absence of my period to the hormones, though if there is a cyst, that could be causing my period to be absent as well.

Pulled muscle: I recently threw up pretty hard (I'm bulimic and trying to recover) and it could just be pulled or strained muscles. That would explain why the pain is on both sides.

If you think you need more info, just ask!
Thanks, V_P!

P.S.: Sorry for all my posts recently; I feel like a hypochondriac but I never learned any of this stuff in biology or what little sex ed we had :(
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