vivalameghan (vivalameghan) wrote in vaginapagina,

birth control question

so i took jolessa, generic seasonique, for 4 months straight with no break, which led me to have a thick uterine lining and i've been bleeding for 2 1/2 months (sorry i've posted this a million times, its a new question...)
my gyno put me on levora, saying the hormone was a bit stronger(going from 20 on jolessa to 30 in levora) so it should stop the bleeding and thin the lining.
i got the package today and saw that it's the SAME amount!
i'm so frustrated because this is just going to continue to build the lining.

is there anything that might be in levora that could help that wasnt in jolessa? or was my gyno just stupid and thought they were different amts?
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