the gothic kitten (x_cybergoth_x) wrote in vaginapagina,
the gothic kitten

post partum breast issues

I was pointed here by the guys at pregnant . And as boobs are part of the reproductive system when we consider feeding babies, I hope this is on topic...

I am sat here sore to hell and thought I would ask you guy's advice.

I am nine months post partum, and due to very very very long story have not breastfed since six weeks when I stopped producing milk. The last five days I have had the occasional sharp pain in my left breast and I thought it was a pulled muscle. Till today, today my left breast is agony at the slightest touch! Feeding my son in my arms almost had me in tears earlier. Is it possible I have mastitis or some kind of blockage even after all this time after not producing milk? I am baffled and not the type to think cancer immediately, though I shall be giving myself a self exam tonight once babe has gone to bed in any case.

Any ideas ladies?
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