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Pill question

I take microgynon for twenty-one days every month, then stop for seven days to have my period, then start it all over again. I'm not sexually active, so contraception isn't an issue for me. I take the pill because my periods are so bad they make me physically sick and incapacitated for two days every month. The pill stops this from happening.

I usually take the last pill of the packet on a Monday night, and my period comes on Friday. I'm happy with this schedule because is means that the worst of my period comes over the weekend and I don't have to miss any days of college.

However, this month I forgot to start taking them again. I have no idea how this happened, but I only remembered that I hadn't been taking them yesterday, and it's been two weeks.

I really don't want to have a horrible period this month, because it means I'll have to miss a few days of college and I can't do that right now because we're preparing for exams.

If I started taking them at the beginning of next week, and took the whole packet like normal, would that be safe? I don't know how this kind of thing works. Would it just postpone my period from arriving for a few weeks past when it was actually due?

Here is the weekly timeline --

Week One -- MONDAY 28TH DECEMBER: took last pill, FRIDAY 1ST JANUARY: period arrived

Week Two -- TUESDAY 4TH JANUARY: forgot to start taking pills again

Week Three --TUESDAY 11TH JANUARY: still not taking pill

Week Four -- TUESDAY 18TH JANUARY: two days away, can I start taking it again then?

If I started the cycle again this coming Tuesday, that means that just over two weeks will have passed since I started my last period. As I mentioned before, contraception isn't an issue, but will this be damaging to my body or mess it up in some way?

As far as I understand, the pill tricks your body into thinking it's released an egg, when it really hasn't. Which makes your period much easier. Since two weeks has passed, my body really will have released an egg, right? So what will happen if I ignore this and start taking the pill on Tuesday?
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