dc_addict (dc_addict) wrote in vaginapagina,

Abnormal periods?

 Hi all,
I'm getting a little freaked out. I was supposed to get my period last week, but I was on a trip, and decided to skip it. This was, I believe, the 3rd month I'd be skipping it - I've done it before with no issues. I ended up getting my period anyway, despite having gone straight from active pills to active pills. I didn't think much of it. It lasted the normal length of time and ended on Monday. Since Monday, I've had  a pretty bad stomach virus - every time I ate, I got super sick - and started on antibiotics Thursday night. Yesterday morning... my period seems to have reappeared. I at first thought it was just mild bleeding from after having sex (unfortunately, this happens a lot to me) - but, this morning, it's still here, and in need of a tampon.

What's going on? Do I need to be super concerned? I can't understand why I'd get my period twice in two weeks. ANY advice would be very, very appreciated - I'm freaking out a little. Thank you!!!
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