mute_puppet (mute_puppet) wrote in vaginapagina,

ingrown hairs arrrrgghghghg

Hey there, sorry for the sock puppet account, but sometimes a girl wants some anonymity... sorry, this is a little gross

I got one of those ingrown hairs/zit on the edge of my one of my outer labia and it's been there for a week or so... I've tried popping it but a bit will come out sometimes, but not all and/or it just stays kind of swollen and lumpy-feeling.  Also, another one cropped up right beside it, and that one I can't even come close to popping, it feels deeper.  There's not much to look at externally, but they've been there for about a week and they're really bugging me.  Also, I've gotten two in my whole life before this and they didn't take so long to go away.  They're not especially large. 

So, I have two questions-

Could this be something I need to check out?  I know they do have fluid in them because I was able to pop the first one a little, so they're probably nothing more serious than a zit...I hope, anyway.

And, could something be done to help speed them on their way?  Warm compresses or something?


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