Lisa (thisbigworld) wrote in vaginapagina,

I've Decided To Go Off the Pill!!!

It's time. I want my sex drive back. I want the real ME back. Over the years, the pill has thrown my sex drive & my emotions out of whack...slowly decreased my sex drive over time...even with a couple of pill changes. A couple of days ago I switched from Yaz to Ortho Tri Cyclen, and ya know what? I don't even want to bother. I've decided to just quit! Found some great condoms: & I'm ready to go back to natural. My question is:

Q: Should I stop after being on a new pill for 3 days, or finish this pack up? What kind of side effects can I expect from doing this? Will this cause my "period" to come again even though I recently just "had one" before starting this new pill? My boyfriend & I had sex two nights ago, he came inside of me, so I'm not sure if I should stop taking the pill yet, since sperm can stay inside of you for a couple of days. Suggestions, please? I want to stop as soon as possible.

Also: What are anyone's thoughts on learning to understand your cycle once you become regular and using spermicide/withdrawal when you're not ovulating & condoms right before/during/shortly after ovulation (basically for a large portion of the month, expect right after your period)? Does anyone else use different forms of non-hormonal birth control at different times of the month?

Thank you!

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