coco1040 (coco1040) wrote in vaginapagina,

Menstrual Sponges

Hi there,

I'm using sponges for the first time, am thrilled by the possibility of creating less waste and spending less money on menstrual products, and I have some questions for other users.

1. For how long will you use a single sponge before sterilizing them? I went 3 days, rinsing every few hours, before I felt it was time to soak one in a peroxide solution. The manufacturers recommend reusing and sterilizing between cycles, but I got a bit paranoid about bacteria growth.

2. How deep do you try to insert your sponges?

3. I had an odd leaking incident. I was in a meeting and felt a helluva leak, and ran to the bathroom, only to find that it was clear liquid that leaked [enough to wet my underwear and, a bit, my jeans]. Is it possible that the sponge will contain the clotty parts of the menses while filtering through the more liquid parts? Off the shelf conventional tampons absorb it all, so this was the only cause I could come up with [and it felt nothing like a bladder leak].

4. When rinsing, I find it difficult to remove all the more mucousy/slippery bits. Any tips on how to do this without damaging the sponge?

Ok. Any other tips from regular sponge users would be very welcome!

Cheers and thanks

p.s. I would tag this as 'sponges' but for some reason am not permitted to tag

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