Lindsey ♥ (ticklemepiink) wrote in vaginapagina,
Lindsey ♥


Has anyone ever had a hugeeee pimple on the outer lip near the vagina?

I'm most certain that it IS a pimple or ingrown hair. Right now it's big and hurts like a white head when you press on it, but there's no head on it yet. It's sort of a large blind pimple. It's by itself, nothing else around it and resembles other pimples/ingrown hairs I've had down there... the thing is, I've never had one this close to my lady bits. In the past, they've been on my bikini line.

I also, currently have a yeast infection, which I am told can cause a sore/blister. Even if this is true, I am fairly certain this is a pimple. I left a message with my doctor's office, but I'd like to avoid going if possible.

If this is sounds like a zit you've had... is there anything I can put on it without creating a further problem, to possibly shrink it before it becomes a big ol white head? It's uncomfortable because my underwear/clothing keep brushing it. Thanks!

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