a DJ who lived in seclusion (knittinggoddess) wrote in vaginapagina,
a DJ who lived in seclusion

utis, kegel exercises, vulvodynia and incontinence

I've had a few urinary close calls recently (ok, I actually peed my damn pants today) and am curious whether this is related to the two utis I've had in the last four months. Can two antibotics-worthy utis damage the urinary sphincter? Or could the irritation make my bladder overactive, leading to these close calls?

Also, I've had some issues with pain during piv penetration, like my vagina is clamping up. It's lessened in severity and we've learned to work with and around it, but I'm still hesitant to do kegel exercises because of it. Will having toned kegels make vulvodynia worse? The way I see it, if my pc muscles are clamping down and causing piv pain, I don't want to make them stronger. Then again, working out my kegels might give me more control over relaxing them.

By the way, my vulvodynia is self-diagnosed and since it's gotten a bunch better, I wasn't planning on talking to a doc about it until my pap in April.
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