xalifesochanged (xalifesochanged) wrote in vaginapagina,

Just can't get into receiving oral sex?

Okay, VP. So here's the deal. My guy LOVES to go down on me. It's a major turn-on for him, and he genuinely enjoys it. I think that's great.

However, for me, it just doesn't do much to turn me on. I don't think it's his technique ( I mean, it might be), but I think it's more me, which is kinda weird. When I masturbate, I rely mostly upon clitoral stimulation, but when my guy rubs my clit with his fingers or tongue, my reaction is just kind of blahhh. So for me, receiving oral sex has just been pretty bland overall. I even develop elaborate detailed fantasies while he's having his fun and that doesn't do anything! I'm so frustrated, because I know he's trying really hard.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can make things feel better while he's going down on me? Or does anyone have the same issue?

TIA :]
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