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Hello, it's me again....

Thank you to the people who commented before!

So I went to the doctor today for the red bumps on my labia/vulva lips. She looked and two seconds into the exam said "HERPES!!!!" She did a scratch test for samples but she said it's dry so it might come back negative. She also asked if they hurt and actually they didn't. I said it just feels like scratching and when I press on them, there's no pain. She looked confused when I said that and confused again when I said I was with the same guy.

So I asked her to do a blood test, to which she said "Oh you can wait til next month!" NO! So I had blood taken, was given valtrex and a cream (I reached this cream as it's written in Japanese and found out it should NOT be used for gential herpes, if that's what I have).

I've been looking at the herpes symptoms lately (actually I'm obsessively looking...). I do have the red bumps but when I scratch them, it feels like when you scratch a big zit. It's not especially painful. They are super red. She also said the glands in my groin are swollen but they don't hurt at least. I've only had slight itching but yesterday it hurt and burned to urinate AND I now have blood in my discharge or some light reddish color.

I discovered these on Tuesday night and nothing is crusting over, painful, or getting much larger.

Although I'm now worried about the urination thing now. I do have antibiotics she gave me to fight the UTI from before so I started taking that just in case.

I've also had some smell down there (kinda fishy, same smell when I had my YI) and I read that sometimes you can get red bumps from a YI... It's rare but it could happen, it said.

I talked to my boyfriend and I asked if he ever had red bumps or unusual things in his genital area. He said he can't think of any time that happened except for a blister on his lip when he went to America 2 years ago. Unless he has it, never had an outbreak... but he's planning on getting tested soon.

Can anyone give me some insight?

Also, can you take antibiotics (baccidal) and valtrex together?
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