maegk (maegk) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast Infection, Yogurt, and IUD

Hello, Lovlies.

I'm a total noob, so please bear with me.

I have a copper IUD that I'm always paranoid about because I've had one expel before. This one's been in for three months and it seems to be doing well . . . However, I believe I have a pretty bad yeast infection (itching, swollen, redness, yellowish, doughy discharge). I took a flucanazole this morning but it's still itching. I just finished putting a bunch of yogurt into tampon applicators. They are currently freezing. I was going to put one up there to help with the itching, but now I'm kind of freaking out--first of all, is it okay to put something frozen in your vag? Will it cause nerve damage or something?

Also, after the yogurt melts, won't the wetness create a better environment for the yeast? I guess I'm looking for testimonials . . . has anyone done this, and what have the results been?

Also, I was at Whole Foods today to buy the yogurt with 6 active cultures, and I saw they had yeast suppositories with Boric Acid. I've read about boric acid and have always wanted to use it because I get the yeast about once a month, but I'm afraid it's going to disintegrate or damage my IUD threads. Any experience with that?

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