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ultrasound and small bladder


I posted a couple of days ago about getting pregnant with an IUD, and everyone was very lovely and supportive.  (Thanks!) 

I have another question now, not sure if people will have ideas, but just in case:

Because of the IUD, I need to have an ultrasound done tomorrow (the pregnancy may be dangerous or ectopic or something), and I am ridiculously worried about it.  They want me to drink one litre (my cookbook says that's one quart/32 ounces, but I really have no idea) of water, one hour and a half before, and hold it in.  And I really don't think I can do it.  Right now, I'm testing it out, and I just drank it all and I highly doubt I'll be able to hold it in one hour and a half.  My bladder's way too small for that!

I'm sure this isn't supposed to be really painful, but I'm having difficultly figuring out how I can make it better.  If anyone has ever been in that situation, would you suggest drinking less water?  How much less?  Or just drinking the same amount but right before instead of an hour and a half before?  Is it supposed to feel like your bladder is completely bursting or it is just supposed to be comfortably full?


Update:  All the comments were really reassuring, thank you!  It was nice to know that other people went through this, even if it didn't sound very positive most of the time.  It really helps not to feel alone.

I just had my ultrasound, and the ironic thing is that my bladder wasn't even full enough!  I guess I didn't drink my water fast enough.  It sure felt full though.  And I guess my bladder wasn't as small as I thought it was.  I though it was because I always have to pee, but maybe it's just that I drink a lot more water than I realized?

So I ended up having a vaginal ultrasound, and it was still quite an unpleasant experience.  The woman seemed really bitter that my bladder wasn't full enough and she was quite rude (though obviously trying to be polite, which was weird).  She wouldn't answer my questions (she was concentrating, which is fair enough I guess) and the tv thing wasn't facing me so I couldn't see anything.  I really wanted to see the ultrasound but then she said she couldn't interpret it and she wouldn't even tell me what part was the fetus (I could guess, but I've never been pregnant so what do I know!).  I was worried that the pregnancy was ectopic and she didn't even reassure me about that.   She did eventually tell me the pregnancy wasn't in my tubes when I asked her but she really didn't want to tell me anything.

I'm sure this is all normal, she's not allowed to tell me things in case she tells me something wrong I guess, but it would be nice to be explained that.  

I also really wanted a picture of my ultrasound because I was kind of fascinated but apparently you have to pay 60$ or something?

Now I feel really bitter.  I didn't want to be pregnant in the first place, I didn't want an ultrasound, I didn't want to go through this!  Having doctors that acknowledge that the ultrasound is attached to a human beving would really help the process.

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